Math Tutor

Assist students in working through tough math concepts.

What does a Math Tutor do?

A math tutor teaches math to students who need one-on-one instruction for a variety of reasons. To become a math tutor, you should love mathematics first and foremost and be a whiz at it too. You must be a master of math concepts (with or without a calculator) as well as all the tools of the trade, like compasses and protractors. You help with homework and go over exercises, quizzes, and test questions, so you really need to know your stuff.

Your goal is to make your students feel confident about their skills. For many students struggling with the subject, it’s a lack of interest and motivation that plagues their learning experience. If you love the subject, then you could teach them to have a passion for it too.

But students who are behind in the subject aren’t the only ones who need your help. Children who simply want to keep up or even get ahead can use a tutor. Child actors often require the aid of tutors in order to stay on track with their education while working on set. Homeschooling parents may need outside assistance for a subject they aren’t very familiar with. And even advanced students who need help conquering one type of problem may seek out the services of a math tutor for a short time.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you should always remember the importance of patience and careful instruction. You should have extensive knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and basic mathematical concepts, as well as more advanced trigonometry or calculus, depending on the needs of the student. It’s extremely important to be one step ahead always.