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Math Teacher

Make math interesting to help students learn.

What does a Math Teacher do?

Any way you divide it, Math Teachers make a difference in the educational lives of students. Working as a Math Teacher goes beyond textbooks and homework problems. To make the concepts stick, you come up with creative assignments that teach core values while showing how math applies outside the classroom. Why hand out pages of multiplication problems when you can have students measure and calculate the area of their desks instead?

As a Math Teacher, your work starts with creating a syllabus and submit a rough draft of your lesson plans for the school’s approval. Certain topics must be covered in a set amount of time, and creating an outline of when you’ll touch on multiplication and what day would be best to tackle square roots keeps your class on track.

During the school year, you spend weekdays lecturing, grading homework, and tutoring students. The majority of Math Teachers work in the elementary to high school range, but some teach at the college level, and others handle adult education courses designed to improve job skills. This is especially helpful for students who never finished high school.

To give your students, whether young or old, the push they need to perform well, you track their progress and report their averages throughout the semester. Offering students tutoring or extra credit can push a final grade from a C to a B. You’re giving the gift of a valuable life skill that will carry over to everything from personal hobbies to higher employment opportunities.