Maternity Fashion Designer

Make flattering and comfortable clothes for pregnant women.

What does a Maternity Fashion Designer do?

As a Maternity Fashion Designer, you envision and create trendy clothing for women in each stage of pregnancy. You toss aside the standard thin-waist mannequin in order to dress a figure with different proportions.

When you’re a Maternity Fashion Designer you understand that there’s beauty in the pregnant form, and your designs highlight that natural glow while hiding the aspects women might feel self-conscious about. You create a strong concept for your designs because your clothing as a Maternity Fashion Designer must accomplish a specific purpose for a specific set of clients.

You may spend more time working on sketches and shopping for just the right fabric than when you’re designing for the typical Runway Model. Research into the hippest trends is an essential part of your pattern-making process. You immerse yourself in the world of fashion and know how to draw creativity from your influences.

When it comes down to the creation of the garment, you’re a talented Sewer and Tailor. Fit is an important part of making sure a piece of clothing makes the wearer look and feel good. Until you’re able to run your own fashion house and employ Production Assistants, you’ll be the one with scissors and needle in hand.

You might have a client base that commissions outfits from you, or you could find yourself working in a design firm. There are certain brands that produce only maternity clothing, and other fashion labels that have a section designated for pregnant women. There are also special runway shows for maternity wear, and magazines that your designs will be featured in.

You bring the gift of fashion to women who are often overlooked in the normal standards of beauty. Your job isn’t just about clothing pregnant women; it’s about making them look fabulous.