Material Scheduler

Develop and analyze lists of raw materials and purchased parts.

What does a Material Scheduler do?

Develops and analyzes lists of raw materials, purchased parts, equipment, and other items required to manufacture aircraft and aerospace products: Reviews and evaluates engineering drawings and blueprints to estimate quantity and type of materials, parts, or other items required. Converts requirements to orders of conventional sizes and quantities, considering factors such as existing inventories, unavoidable waste, and kind of material to be used. Reviews material lists for conformance to company standard practices in regard to parts and materials used. Schedules deliveries based on production forecasts, material substitutions, storage and handling facilities, and maintenance requirements. Prepares or authorizes preparation of purchase requisitions. Estimates need to reorder supplies due to rejections and engineering changes during manufacturing cycle. Confers with purchasing, engineering, planning, and other personnel to exchange information regarding inventories, schedules, and related issues.