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Material Disposition Inspector

Inspect rejected or obsolete aircraft parts, assemblies, or materials.

What does a Material Disposition Inspector do?

Inspects rejected or obsolete aircraft parts, assemblies, or materials to determine disposition, utilizing knowledge of production processes, repair methods, and cost, using precision measuring instruments: Reviews rejection slips to determine method of inspection required. Inspects and measures parts to determine nature and extent of defect, using surface plate or table and precision measuring instruments, such as calipers, gauges, and micrometers. Compares inspection results with specifications and consults with manufacturing, engineering, and other personnel to determine possibility and practicability of salvaging rejected parts, assemblies, or materials. Evaluates inspection data, considering value, costs involved, production delays, quality, appearance, and related factors, and recommends final disposition, such as scrap, return to vendor, salvage, or rework. Records inspection results and recommendations for disposition of parts, assemblies, or materials. May investigate rejections of parts and assemblies to determine corrective action to prevent recurrence and be designated Material Review Board Representative, Quality Control.