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Matching Machine Operator

Operate ranges consisting of staple cutters, conveyors, and binders.

What does a Matching Machine Operator do?

Operates range consisting of staple cutters, conveyor, binder and water sprayers, drying oven, pressure rollers, inspection table, and automatic cutting and winding device to produce continuous sheets of fiberglass insulation material: Turns knob on control panel to heat drying oven. Starts range and guides sheet of matted fiberglass under pressure rollers, over inspection table and slitting knives, under cutting blade, and laps end around winding shaft. Patrols work area and observes range units, temperature gauge, and flow of material through range to detect irregular operation of machine and variations from standards. Examines matted sheets for thin spots and foreign matter. Directs STRAND-AND-BINDER CONTROLLER to increase or decrease number of fiberglass sliver ends fed into staple cutters to restore finished product to specified thickness. Adjusts temperature of oven to dry material according to specifications.