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Mastering Engineer

Add the finishing touches to audio recordings.

What does a Mastering Engineer do?

A Mastering Engineer puts the final polish on audio recordings to prepare them for distribution. You receive the edited and mixed recordings from your fellow Audio Engineers then polish them up and make the final adjustments needed to send the tracks into commercial production.

This makes you the Proofreader and formatter of the audio world. As the Mastering Engineer, you’ll take the work that has been equalized and balanced by several Engineers before you, and look at it again to make sure all the technical details are OK to go through production.

This position is a blend of art and science. Your daily tasks might involve troubleshooting technical issues with formatting, and making sure the harmonic balance of vocal and instrumentals is in check. Once you’ve finished, you know that when someone hears a track, it will sound good regardless of the system it is played upon.