Master Craftsman

Create mobile homes from start to finish.

What does a Master Craftsman do?

Some positions allow you to follow something from its birth to its death. Gardeners, Veterinarians, and Farmers are all examples. Add to the list Master Craftsman. In this job, you work with mobile homes from the time they’re built to the time they’re on the site to the time they begin to fall apart.

As a Master Craftsman you may work in a factory, where you build mobile homes. You have a set of drawings to follow, and materials to work with. You install sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures into the mobile home; test the windows and doors to make sure they open and close properly; hook the home to a water intake; and check that the pipes don’t leak. When you’re the Master Craftsman, you then drive the home to its new site, and make sure that it’s properly hooked up to the water and electricity.

You also perform repairs, either in your shop or on site where the home is located. You talk to the owner to determine exactly what’s wrong, do a thorough investigation, and confer with the owner once more about price before you make any repairs. Jobs may entail testing the electrical system and repairing faulty wiring, removing and replacing exterior panels, and fixing leaking pipes.

You know a lot about a variety of systems, from structural to electrical to plumbing. This makes you quite proud, as you have a more thorough understanding of diverse topics than the average Mechanic. Because of this, you may be tempted to emphasize the word “master” when you tell people your job title.