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Master Brewer



Oversee the creative and business sides of brewing the perfect beer.

What does a Master Brewer do?

A Master Brewer works at a brewery, overseeing the other Brewers in the company and making sure each batch of beer comes out perfectly. You (usually) as the Master Brewer, have the most amount of brewing experience and knowledge on you team, along with an ability to manage people.

It’s your job to make sure the beer is always at the highest quality and that everything is running smoothly. This means as the Master Brewer you hold the reins of the production and if something goes wrong with a batch of beer, be it that the taste is awful or the distribution has gone haywire, you’re the one the Brewery Owners come looking for.

Depending on the size of the brewery you work for there might be other Brewers, though there will always only be one Master Brewer. As the master, it’s your job to watch the beer at every step in its production. You do the things you normally think of with beer, like picking the basic ingredients, creating the recipes, regulating the temperature and testing for quality.

You’ll also be in charge of a lot of the business side of things, things like budgeting, finances and overseeing the people who work at the brewery. For example some of the bigger breweries have many brewing locations each with their own “head Brewer” who oversees the day to day responsibilities of that location, but you’re the one these Brewers all ultimately all answer to.

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