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Master Barber

Provide cuts and other hair care services to men.

What does a Master Barber do?

Master Barbers provide hair care treatments and services. But beyond the traditional buzz cut and beard trimming (yes, these are still part of the job), the modern Master Barber also provides other services, such as fitting hairpieces, and coloring, curling, and waving hair.

In this job, you do more than just take care of hair, though. Keeping your work area (known as a station) clean and free of stray hair is necessary to comply with state health department regulations. This includes all materials and tools such as scissors, trimmers, curling irons, combs, and brushes.

Working in a spa, a styling salon, a barbershop, a resort, or even an airport, you predominantly deal with men’s hair. To increase profits, you may also promote, recommend, and sell hair-related products such as gel, hairspray, and brushes.

If you’re a self-employed Master Barber, you must handle all aspects of your business on top of all your hair-care duties. Maintaining client files, dealing with personnel issues (such as hiring and firing), taking inventory, and coming up with ideas to increase clientele are all additional tasks to fill each workday.

The ability to stand, bend, twist, and lift up to 30 pounds repeatedly is important in this position, so make sure you’re fit. You work long hours, several days per week, but it’s not all drudgery because you develop tight friendships with regular customers. More than just paying customers, your regulars often become an extension of your family, which makes heading to work each day something to look forward to.