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Mason Tender

Raise scaffolds, prepare grout and coordinate brick-delivery for Masons.

What does a Mason Tender do?

The best Mason Tenders are much like the best Butlers. They maintain cleanliness, keep materials on hand, and anticipate the boss’s needs without being told. In this case, the boss is the Mason. As a Mason Tender, you do many of the behind-the-scenes tasks that allow the Mason to do complicated brickwork.

On a typical day on the job of a Mason Tender, you work directly with the Mason, erecting scaffolding and preparing the grout used to hold the bricks together. You also cut bricks so the Mason can make intricate patterns with them. When the Mason is done, as the Mason Tender, you climb up the scaffolding to chip off any excess grout on the bricks. You also apply sealants to the bricks and grout.

If you’re working on a repair job, you have many more tasks to complete. You chip out old grout using chisels and saws. You also repair cracked or damaged bricks, or tear them out completely for replacement. Additionally, you wash down the remaining brick so the Mason will have a clean surface to work on.

While the Mason is working, you clean and sharpen tools. You must do this close to the boss, however, so you’re always available in case he or she needs your assistance. In short, you keep everything organized for the Mason. The better you’ve prepared the area, the less you’ll have to run about during your workday, and the more time you’ll have to rest and drink your coffee in peace.