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Operate cookers and mashing tubs to cook and combine cereals.

What does a Masher do?

Operates cooker and mashing tub to cook and combine cereal, such as corn or rice, and malt to produce wort: Opens slide gate on scale hopper to fill cooker and tub with measured amounts of malt and cereal. Starts pumps and turns valves to admit hot water into cooker and tub. Starts power-rakes that mix cereal and water in cooker, and malt and water in tub. Ignites burners to cook cereal and mash over controlled cooking cycle. Turns outlet valve on cooker and starts pump that transfers cereal mash to tub. Turns valve that admits steam into tub to heat mash to specified temperature. Starts power-rake that mixes mash. Adds iodine to sample of mash and examines color to determine degree of saccharization. Turns outlet valve to transfer cooked mash to filter press or lautertub. Washes mashing tub and cooker, using high-pressure water hoses and cleaning solutions. Records mash temperature, steam pressure, and degree of saccharization.