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Lead cheers and perform zany antics to pump up a sports crowd.

What does a Mascot do?

As a kid, you probably never even knew that the creatures that rooted for your favorite sports teams on the sidelines weren’t real. And once you found out, you longed to know who was behind the mask. Now it’s you who fills the furry shoes of the Mascot, dancing, tumbling, and cheering your team to victory.

Even if your team is losing, the weather is terrible, and they’ve just run out of peanuts, your job as a Mascot is to make sure the audience is having a good time. In fact, your Mascot antics are needed more than ever if a game is going downhill. Sometimes, you’re down on the field performing your unique act on your own or with a cheer squad; other times, you’re in the bleachers greeting fans. The more team spirit you can generate, the more the fans will cheer in support.

Keeping fans happy is the name of your game, but you aren’t limited to working during games. There are a slew of events that need you to come and bolster enthusiasm for your team. As the talent behind a beloved character, you can bring your performance to team parties and galas, commercials, and even charity events.

It might get a little hot and stuffy in costume, but you stay in character even if you’ve had a bad day. It’s not easy to exude cheeriness from underneath a Mascot suit, but you’ve had so much practice with it on that you can easily slip into character. Whether it’s your tottering walk, your bobbing head, the high fives you give the crowd, or the air guitar you play when your team scores, you have the ability to put smiles on a whole stadium of faces.

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