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Marquetry Worker

Design, fabricate, and inlay marquetries in custom furniture.

What does a Marquetry Worker do?

Designs, fabricates, and inlays marquetry in custom furniture: Designs and draws marquetry patterns to scale, using drafting tools. Computes quantities of wood needed for shaping marquetry design blocks, and selects woods, such as ebony, teak, and walnut, for marquetry designs according to color, strength, and grain. Shapes pieces of wood to form pattern, using power saws, handsaws, planers, and jigs. Measures wood pieces to verify dimensions, using calipers, scales, and pattern. Applies glue to wood pieces, assembles pieces according to pattern, and clamps pieces between boards to prevent damage and to form marquetry block. Selects wood in which pattern will be mounted and cuts openings in surface of wood and specified piece of furniture to form inlay openings for sections of marquetry block, using routers, chisels, and planers. Saws marquetry block to obtain cross-sections of specified thickness for inlay. Glues and places sections into inlay openings of wood surface and positions wood with marquetry design into opening on furniture. Trims design to fit opening, and sands surface of furniture to attain desired finish, using handtools and power sander. Cleans furniture and applies stain, lacquer, or shellac in prescribed order to finish custom furniture.