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Marksmanship Instructor

Share your shooting skills with students.

What does a Marksmanship Instructor do?

As a Marksmanship Instructor, you’re the guy who always scores a bullseye in shooting class. More than that, you share your talent with others by teaching them your unique and precise skill set.

On a daily basis as a Marksmanship Instructor, you give explanations and demonstrations on proper gun marksmanship to anyone seeking out training. You teach your students safety practices and the proper handling of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. But your greatest strength, the one that everyone comes to you, the Marketing Instructor, for, is your precision and accuracy when firing a weapon.

This job is extremely important to military and other service branches that require the use of guns. The training you provide helps lower friendly fire mishaps and other missteps. It also helps increase the amount of clean kills during wartime or even in animal hunting.

You hold classes that evolve in difficulty over time and cover a range of topics, depending on your students and the difficulty level you’re teaching. You often start out with weapon safety, as well as the proper care and maintenance of guns, including cleaning and assembly/disassembly. You also go over the correct firing positions and stances, and how to properly align a shot while controlling breathing, shaking, and pressure on the trigger.

While working at a shooting range, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone firing as well as those who work at the range. To that end, you create procedures and make sure they’re followed.