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Marking Clerk

Put price tags on products.

What does a Marking Clerk do?

In stores all around the world, the same scenario plays out again and again. A shopper finds a product, squeals with glee, and picks it up to look at the price tag. Most shoppers can’t or won’t commit to buying a product until they know how much it costs. As a Marking Clerk, you make the sale possible by giving each item its very own price tag.

The Store Manager sets the price for each item, and provides you with a list. As a Marking Clerk, you have a large set of tools to use for marking materials. Boxed and dried goods can be tagged with stickers that you print with a gun. Clothing can be tagged with small bits of paper that you print and then staple or tie to the garments.

In most cases, you perform your work in the warehouse, opening boxes and marking products with prices. Next, you pack the items back in the boxes and write the price on the outside. The Warehouse Manager then determines where the items should be stored until they’re ready to hit the shelves.

Items that don’t sell sometimes move to clearance racks, and it’s the Marking Clerk’s responsibility to put new price tags on them. Using your very best handwriting, you write new prices on the items or cover old prices with brightly colored stickers listing the new prices.

Some buyers are fickle, and they bring items back for refunds. When this happens, you look up the purchase price for the item, and you give the rejected item a new tag so it can find a permanent home with a happy buyer.