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Marketing Statistician

Dig up information from consumer surveys to help marketing.

What does a Marketing Statistician do?

Statisticians are a unique breed of Mathematician. They sort through data as if filtering out the green M&Ms from the candy bowl. They have the ability to concoct surveys, collect information, and use that data to mine information that is useful in every industry, from insurance to investing to automobile sales. Marketing Statisticians use their skills to focus on products that could, should, and do hit the retail shelves.

As a Marketing Statistician, you understand the product marketplace – not only how products are produced, marketed, and sold, but also how customer wants are identified. After all, if you can identify what a customer will buy, the company producing that product takes less risk in researching, developing, and manufacturing it.

The goal of your work as a Marketing Statistician is to minimize risk for CEOs, Project Managers, and other investors, so your methods must be reliable. That’s no problem for you because you love to create surveys that target consumer feelings about quality, price, reliability, and usefulness.

What looks like a pile of customer response forms to everyone else is a gold mine of information to you. You use that sampling, other industry data, computer software, and your Statistician training to create reports, charts, and diagrams of what the customer will buy, how much they’re willing to pay, and how many the company should produce. With your help, companies offer better products to the marketplace and push profits through the roof.