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Marketing Specialist Career Information

What skills are needed for marketing specialist jobs?

Marketing, management, and social media are among the top skills that hiring managers look for in marketing specialists. On top of that, having marketing communications or sales proficiency could potentially increase your chances of moving to the next step.

What should I study to become a marketing specialist?

Before applying for marketing specialist jobs, candidates will want to have a bachelor’s degree and perhaps an advanced degree in marketing. Marketing is the favored degree in this field compared to communication and business administration. Advertising majors are also more popular than English language and literature majors.

Marketing Specialist Companies & Industries

Marketing specialists are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. They are more likely to be employed in marketing and advertising and financial services industries than in hospital & healthcare. Other industries that employ marketing specialists are information technology and services and computer software.

Now, what are the top locations recent graduates work at? New York and Chicago are two attractive options for marketing specialists to find jobs. Alternative cities include Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta.

Industry: Computer Software
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