Marketing Professor

Teach university students about marketing.

What does a Marketing Professor do?

Marketing is like singing. Technically, everyone can do it (as evidenced by the throngs of songs sung in showers, cars, and karaoke bars). However, only a select few can do it really well. Like a Voice Coach, therefore, a Marketing Professor teaches people how to market products and services as if they’re the Celine Dions of their industry.

As a Marketing Professor, you’re employed by colleges and universities, where you’re a Teacher in business and marketing programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Charged with teaching the principles and practices of marketing, you instruct future marketing professionals on topics such as branding, communications, market research, new product development, competitive advantage, and return on investment (ROI), as well as on individual marketing tools and tactics such as advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, public relations, etc.

Like Professors in other subjects, you spend most of your time in the classroom. Your duties as a Marketing Professor include advising students, planning curriculums, choosing textbooks, and preparing syllabi. You also give lectures, assign and review homework, and give and grade exams.

However, teaching for you – unlike, say, an English Professor – may only be a part-time endeavor. If it is, you might also work in the field – as a Marketing Director, for example, or a Chief Marketing Officer.

Because the modern world is oversaturated with marketing messages – in newspapers, magazines, TVs, radios, phones, billboards, websites, and virtually everywhere else people read, watch, or listen – marketing successfully is more difficult today than ever before. As someone who teaches it, therefore, you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you!