Marketing Copywriter

Write letters, ads, and wording for websites that sell products.

What does a Marketing Copywriter do?

A Marketing Copywriter belongs to a subset of Writers who focus exclusively on writing promotional copy for marketing purposes. You see, there are Authors who write books, and Journalists who write news articles. Most Writers, however, are Copywriters who write literally everything else, from menus, magazine ads, and mailers to billboards, cereal boxes, and bus benches.

As a Marketing Copywriter, you belong to the copywriting bunch. What do you write exactly? Advertisements, advertorials, branded articles, brochures, direct mail, emails, flyers, letters, newsletters, postcards, presentations, press releases, product descriptions, sales collateral, speeches, taglines, web pages, and whitepapers.

More than writing, though, your job as a Marketing Copywriter is selling, so your words must be written in a way that’s simultaneously compact and compelling, at once expressive and expedient.

And yet, writing is only part of your job. Along with writing the words for printed and digital marketing pieces, you’re paid to develop the ideas behind them. Usually, that requires meeting with clients and/or colleagues in order to learn about the product or service you’re promoting, then brainstorming different concepts and messages that you can use to sell them.

Other duties involve copyediting and proofreading, and working with Graphic Designers to create visual companions to your written creations. Ultimately, though, your number one duty is persuasion: You’re a Pied Piper who’s paid to befriend the buying public with text, romancing them one word at a time!