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Marketing Coordinator

Execute the marketing plan of a company.

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

As Marketing Coordinator, you perform a wide range of tasks that all help promote the success of the company’s marketing plan. This includes things like networking with customers, interacting with the media, and operating booths at trade shows. In fact, there are so many components of your job as a Marketing Coordinator, that you may find yourself creating a product brochure in the morning, giving a presentation over lunch, and previewing sales materials in the afternoon.

When interacting with current and prospective clients as a Marketing Coordinator, it is important to reflect the image of your company. Whether that image is professional, smart, whimsical, or competitive, you are consistent in pushing it in your dealings with design teams, customers, and buying groups.

After all, you are one of the most important marketing tools your company has. The stronger the connection you build with your customers, the more they relate to your company.

What you represent in person, you also represent in the media. You consider advertising options (TV, radio, print ads) and then find the best match for the marketing goals of the company. When choosing this advertising, you must keep in mind the company’s image. For example, if your company sells antique furniture, you wouldn’t want to advertise in Contemporary Homes Magazine.

In addition to advertising and marketing, you coordinate seminars and conferences by making travel arrangements and verifying the delivery of supplies. If your company is hosting the event, you schedule speakers, plan meals, and reserve the venue. This job requires outstanding people and organization skills, and the ability to bring out the positive in every challenge.