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Marketing Consultant

Formulate thoroughly researched marketing plans for businesses.

What does a Marketing Consultant do?

The job of a Marketing Consultant requires equal parts creativity and analytical thinking. That’s because your job requires intense evaluation of the market, followed by an innovative plan to launch or promote a business.

Let’s say, for example, your client as a Marketing Consultant is a small, drive-up-only bakery, and they have decided to expand into a basic, sit-down deli offering a menu of soup and sandwiches. For a business in this stage of growth, there are huge factors to consider as a Marketing Consultant. Will the costs of adding tables and staff pay for itself? Are there four delis on the same block? What price would a customer be willing to pay?

To answer these questions, you analyze consumer data. This information is gathered from a Marketing Analyst or through your own research. You identify the target market (existing customer base). Then you write up a marketing plan for the bakery, including pricing, packaging, distribution, and promotion (advertising).

One huge component of your job is market analysis. You need a complete understanding of what the industry is doing, who the big players are, what they offer, and where they’re headed. This information is vital because you use it to formulate a plan for your client.

Another major element is advertising. You may specialize in one area or cover a range, but a few of your options include print ads, internet, social networking, billboards, coupons, and commercials. With this knowledge, you identify the avenues that best connect the business with the consumer.