Market Risk Analyst

Predict market conditions to help guide investment choices.

What does a Market Risk Analyst do?

As a Market Risk Analyst, you’re a Wall Street junkie who devours all the information available about what is happening in the market, and distills that information into reports for banks and investors. You’re able to determine what is likely to happen in the markets in the future, and because of this, your skills as a Market Risk Analyst is invaluable to companies and investors who want to make money on Wall Street.

You’re not responsible for buying or selling shares on the market when your a Market Risk Analyst. Instead you work for people who do make those trades. The information you provide must be accurate and timely, so you keep an eye on the stock market, both online and in print. You also follow the national and world news closely.

In fact, you spend much of your time reading the papers, peering at reports, and searching for information. This is a great job for you if you’re already addicted to the 24-hour news cycle. You’ll get paid to do what you’re doing now as a hobby.

You distill your findings into reports, presentations, and bulletins for your clients. To do this, you must have facts to support your hunches, and you may even build elaborate computer models to help you determine how much an event can affect the market. You must also be able to present your findings rationally, clearly, and persuasively, so your clients will act on your recommendations and thank you later for your skill. If you find that your company consistently makes poor investment choices, it’s your job to turn the tide and come up with policies that can help the company make good investments in the future.