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Market Reporter

Follow the action on Wall St. and report on breaking business news.

What does a Market Reporter do?

Employed by companies, Market Reporters publish business and financial news. They’re Journalists who specialize in the stock market. When Wall Street wants to know what’s happening with its investments, it looks to Market Reporters for information and analysis.

After all, Wall Street is like a theme park and the stock market is its most popular roller coaster, full of ups, downs, thrills, and spills. It has the ability to make people happy, scared, and even sick – separately and simultaneously, and all in the course of a few lightning-fast moments. Anything that erratic is also exciting, which means people want to watch it. And when those people are investors, a Market Reporter gives them a private screening of the show.

As a Market Reporter, you’re like a traditional Reporter who has a beat, such as crime, education, or government. Your beat just happens to be a single commodities market, such as agriculture (for example, corn, soybeans, wheat), energy (crude oil, ethanol, natural gas), or metals (gold, silver, zinc).

Whatever your market, you’re responsible for knowing everything about it. That requires you to research relevant industries, companies, and individuals, and find and interview industry contacts. It also requires you to attend industry meetings, conferences and events. In addition, you need to stay abreast of late-breaking developments in areas such as business, politics, and regulation.

The fruits of your labor: daily articles that give investors a play-by-play of the market so they can make responsible decisions about buying, selling, and holding – and avoid losing their lunch on the next loop!