Marker Machine Attendant

Tend equipment that automatically detect and mark defects in glass ribbons.

What does a Marker Machine Attendant do?

Tends equipment that automatically detects and marks defects in glass ribbon on conveyor line in glass manufacturing establishment: Observes indicator lights on equipment to ensure activation of all inspection zones. Activates marker at each inspection zone and observes operation of markers to test marker operation. Draws line across glass ribbon, using chalk, to simulate glass defects, and observes equipment operation to verify inspection process. Replenishes chalk in marker mechanism and sheets of paper beneath glass ribbon. Observes lighted panel to determine frequency of marking, according to company standards, and notifies designated personnel if overmarking or undermarking occurs. Inspects glass from catwalk to ensure defects are marked by machine. Cleans and removes dirt, dust, and broken glass from machine and work area, using broom, shovel, vacuum cleaner, and dust cloths.