Marker II

Mark or affix trademarks or other identifying information on merchandises.

What does a Marker II do?

Marks or affixes trademarks or other identifying information, such as size, color, grade, or process code, on merchandise, material, or product, using one or more methods, such as metal punch and hammer, crayon, rubber stamp and ink, electric pencil, branding iron, acid and stencil, sand-grit and stencil, or tags. May inspect items before marking. May attach gummed labels to merchandise, material, or product, using tag dispensing machine. May clean items. May use printing mechanism or labeling press. When marking is performed as task of packaging duties, worker should be classified according to type of packaging performed as PACKAGER, HAND 920.587-018; PACKAGER, MACHINE 920.685-078; or BALING-MACHINE TENDER 920.685-010.