Marine Policy Specialist

Shape policies that protect marine life.

What does a Marine Policy Specialist do?

Around the world, populations congregate near the coastlines. They’re the hub of business, recreation, and housing in most countries. But, all that human traffic can easily damage wildlife, natural resources, and the environment. It’s the job of the Marine Policy Specialist to recommend, and help implement, policies that protect the environment, marine life, and humans.

As a Marine Policy Specialist, you’re involved at a political level. Depending on the situation, you might be a Consultant who offers advice as one member of a team of researchers and Scientists. Or, you might offer your vast knowledge to developing countries where people don’t have access to information about animal health and water safety.

Sometimes, you might buck the system. Your job as a Marine Policy Specialist might require you to testify in a courtroom, attend city hall meetings, or venomously fight against a proposed business development. You never come to the table empty-handed, so you research, analyze data, collect information, prepare reports, and come to each meeting ready to present your findings.

Whether you’re offering advice about shipping traffic, arguing against a cruise port, writing up recommended fishing regulations, or interpreting international law, your eye is always on doing what’s best for the sea life, environment, and habitat of the area.