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Marine Mammalogist

Lead research efforts on marine mammals.

What does a Marine Mammalogist do?

A job as a Marine Mammalogist incorporates the perfect combination of passion for mammals and love of the open sea. Although they don’t always spend their time exposed to the natural elements of waves and salty sea air, Marine Mammalogists get their fair share of wrinkled fingers. That’s because the job entails anything from training dolphins to tracking herds of whales from Mexico to Alaska.

Your job as a Marine Mammalogist can be what you want it to be. Are you interested in researching diseases in walruses? If so, you could hunt down a job at a research center, find employment at an aquarium, or nurse sick animals back to health at a rescue center. Maybe an open-air raft off the coast of Hawaii is more your style. Then, look into research positions where you study mating, feeding, or migration patterns.

For some quality one-on-one interaction with your mammal friends, you could work as a Dolphin Trainer or become a Supervisor at the seal exhibit at the zoo. Water covers a huge portion of the earth, so if travel is your goal, you could hang with the polar bears in Greenland or scuba dive with sea otters off the California coast.

Wherever your job takes you, your passion and knowledge help bring species back from the brink of extinction, increase populations of endangered animals, and help other Scientists better understand these creatures so they can be cared for and kept from harm.