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Marine Mammal Response Manager

Come to the rescue of marine mammals in distress.

What does a Marine Mammal Response Manager do?

When a bear wanders into a residential neighborhood, response teams rush in to tranquilize and transfer it back to the woods. When a dog runs loose in suburbia, the Dog Catcher grabs it and tries to find its owner. And when marine animals are in danger, Marine Mammal Response Managers deal with the situation.

Imagine a call coming in on a blistering hot summer day that a whale has beached itself 30 miles away. Or, during a winter squall, a pod of dolphins becomes entangled in fishing nets. Whatever the emergency, you don your Marine Mammal Response Manager cape and rush to the rescue.

Perhaps that means getting a crew together, renting a crane, manning a ship, or paddling a raft. Whatever the task, you’re prepared!

Your role as a Marine Mammal Response Manager isn’t all high adrenaline animal rescues, though. You do this job because you’re passionate about the animals. To keep them safe, it’s important that everyone knows how their actions endanger marine animals, so you spend a good chunk of your time educating the public about what they can do to help seals, polar bears, otters, dolphins, whales, and walruses remain safe in their natural environment.

Whether you’re cutting a mother and baby whale free from an entanglement, transferring a seal injured by a boat propeller, informing Fishermen about netting practices, or releasing a trapped otter, at the end of the day, you help animals that have no one else to turn to.