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Marine Lawyer

Be an expert on laws involving the sea and sea travel.

What does a Marine Lawyer do?

Legal issues are complex. That’s why most Lawyers specialize in one area of law. For example, Corporate Lawyers represent large businesses and Divorce Lawyers specialize in the intricacies of marriage dissolution. Marine Lawyers, meanwhile, devote their time to cases involving injury, crimes, or other claims that take place at sea.

As a Marine Lawyer, you specialize in marine law, which can be very different from laws on land. Not only that, but your cases often cross the border into international territory.

When you’re a Marine Lawyer, many of the clients you represent have suffered injury on the job or during a vacation. Just imagine all the ways a person could sustain injury while fishing or yachting and you’ll get an idea of the variety of your caseload.

In addition to injury and death cases, you work for, or argue against, insurance companies. That involves researching damage to cruise ships, yachts, fishing boats, and recreational boats; analyzing inspection reports; rebuilding the events surrounding the damage; and presenting the case in court.

Sometimes, your job leads you to cases that are downright strange. For example, you might represent a victim of modern-day pirates, or evaluate whether a specific cargo shipment is legal within international waters. You might also represent contract negotiations, ship purchases, or cases involving cruise lines.

Thanks to you, those who work and play at sea benefit from the same legal representation as those with dry feet.