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Marine Engineer

Control the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment on ships.

What does a Marine Engineer do?

Marine engineers design, construct, test, and repair all kinds of ships and oil platforms, as well as the engines and equipment on board.

You design and build ships, submarines or aircraft carriers or you may supervise the construction, ensuring the stability of the vessel. Designing and making detailed drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software of the machinery and equipment on board, like the propulsion system and the steering systems, is an integral part of your job. You also test your models and make necessary changes, and choose materials and write specifications for construction workers and suppliers. Maintenance of equipment and repairs are also part of your responsibilities. You could also design, build, and operate oil rigs and offshore platforms.

A degree in marine engineering is usually required, but a degree in a related field such as physics, naval architecture, electrical, or electronic engineering could also land you this job. You should also have strong math and problem solving skills, knowledge of CAD/CAM, and good technical knowledge.