Marine Engine Mechanic

Repair the motors of jet skies, ocean liners, houseboats, and more.

What does a Marine Engine Mechanic do?

An Engine Mechanic maintains, tests, and repairs engines. A Marine Engine Mechanic performs those same tasks on ski boats, house boats, cruise ships, or jet skis: Any engine that powers a vehicle in the water relies on your Marine Engine Mechanic skills to keep them afloat.

You have an important job when you’re a Marine Engine Mechanic-if there is a mechanical problem with a boat engine, the owner can’t just walk to the nearest restaurant and call for a tow truck. So you work to keep that from happening, meaning that preventative maintenance is a huge part of your job. You test equipment, evaluate wear on parts and make recommendations about repairs. Specialized tools help you make accurate diagnoses and estimate how long a part will be reliable before it should be replaced. Of course, you’re also useful in fixing something that has already broken (using much the same methods).

You might work outside, lofting side to side on-ship, or inside, at a manufacturing plant, marina, or dealership. You might work on the water or on land. Either way, you need an understanding of the ways water affects the engine and performance of the vessel.

You might specialize in one area such as steering, exhaust, fuel systems, or navigational tools. Or you may specialize in a certain type of watercraft such as jet skis, for example.

No matter what you specialize in, though, you will need a skill for precision, a mechanical aptitude, and strong written and oral communication skills to relay information to the owners.