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Marine Electronics Technician

Maintain marine cables, wiring, sensors and computers.

What does a Marine Electronics Technician do?

Just like any form of transportation, a boat has a lot of electrical parts. As a Marine Electronics Technician, you’re in charge of installing and testing these parts, and maintaining and fixing them throughout their computerized lives.

You can do your job as a Marine Electronics Technician a few different ways. For example, you might work for a company that creates and supplies parts. In this role, as the Marine Electronics Technician, you help customers install new systems, or answer questions about existing ones.

You might work remotely at a desk, and answer questions from customers through phone or email. Another option would be to work for a manufacturing or design company. In this position, you explain complex electronic pieces to the sales team, and travel to ports and docks to install your company’s product.

Other jobs might see you out on the water working for research or fishing boats. Your job is to learn the specific systems of the boat you’re working on (things like navigation, data collection, and chemical measuring), and then be able to troubleshoot any problems that come up during the voyage. You study designs and blueprints to know exactly what you’re dealing with, and then perform periodic inspections and electronic tests to make sure everything is working as it should.

When you come across a problem, you do things like repair cables, fix the computer network, and replace parts on oceanographic equipment. This job isn’t just about fixing the broken, though. You also do regular maintenance, order parts, and collect data after the ship docks.