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Marine Drafter

Draw up blueprints to help build ships and submarines.

What does a Marine Drafter do?

A Marine Drafter creates the blueprints that allow Boat Builders to actually construct the designs of Marine Engineers. Think of the world’s largest oil tankers, freighters, and cruise ships, and how they’re able to float across the ocean without sinking beneath it. That spectacle is owed to Marine Engineers, and the Marine Drafters who assist them.

As a Marine Drafter, you may not be responsible for creating the miracle of maritime travel, but you nonetheless deserve credit for facilitating it. Just like an Architectural Drafter, you’re paid to create technical drawings of exteriors and interiors. Instead of buildings, however, your drawings are of boats, which could include everything from ferries and freight ships to schooners and submarines, depending on your training and specialty.

Ultimately, though, the work is the same, whether you’re drafting plans for an aircraft carrier or a yacht. You create rough drawings of floor plans, often by hand. Once those are approved, you use computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) software to create final scale drawings – including three-dimensional models – of interiors and exteriors, specifying building dimensions, materials, and procedures so the drawings can be used and referenced during construction.

At once artistic and technical, you do the detailed work of literally drawing connections between Marine Engineers’ heads and Boat Builders’ hands. The result: Your vessels swim instead of sink!