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Marine Biotechnologist

Use marine resources to create medicines, cosmetics, and other products.

What does a Marine Biotechnologist do?

Like many other marine jobs, a career as a Marine Biotechnologist involves studying marine animals and their undersea environment. The difference is that instead of trying to better understand the feeding or breeding habits of whales ( Marine Mammalogist ) or working to increase the population’s food supply ( Aquaculture Microbiologist ), Marine Biotechnologists use products from the sea to create products for human use.

While that might sound a little barbaric, your work as a Marine Biotechnologist doesn’t always involve sacrificing animals. Perhaps a better way to define your job is that it’s about finding useful materials that can be biologically altered to benefit humans. That could mean being part of a team that researches algae, marine mammals, crustaceans, sea salt, or microorganisms.

Your work has exciting promise in the field of science, so you share your research results with the rest of the scientific community. You attend regional or national conferences, create papers, and condense years of research into a succinct report.

As a Marine Biotechnologist, you might work for a pharmaceutical company, or uncover your microscope at a research facility, aquarium, zoo, or government agency. Then again, you might spend months floating at sea. Wherever your scientific skills are put to the test, your research leads to treatments for disease, food preservation techniques, skin care products, or household cleaners.