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Marina Manager

Oversee a marina's operations, workers and finances.

What does a Marina Manager do?

A marina works as a sort of hotel for yachts and small boats. The vessels can load up on fuel and rest in a safe location while their occupants head to the shore to spend money. That makes you-the Marina Manager-a sort of Hotel Manager, making sure the place operates smoothly so more customers will come to stay.

A large staff is often needed to run a marina properly, and you’re in charge of hiring workers as the Marina Manager. The hiring process involves accepting applications, conducting interviews, checking references, and presenting a salary offer to the selected candidate. But your job when you’re a Marina Manager doesn’t end when a new employee is chosen. Next, you focus on keeping your employees as happy as possible so they won’t quit.

Throughout the day, you inspect the marina itself, making sure it is clean and in good working order. People expect the marina to be tidy, and if it’s not, they may choose another place that’s a tad cleaner. So you instruct maintenance crews to clean, disinfect, or repair parts of the marina that look unkempt or unsafe.

People who use the marina must pay for the privilege, and you collect the fees. When a new vessel arrives, you select a place for it to stay, and you may spend some time chatting up the vessel’s owner. People often like to feel welcomed when they arrive, so you also function as a one-person welcoming committee. Sometimes, you even hand out brochures to tell people about events happening in the town-a not-so-subtle way to encourage them to spend money in your community.