Margarine Churn Operator

Tend equipment that mix and churn ingredients to produce margarines.

What does a Margarine Churn Operator do?

Tends equipment that mixes and churns ingredients to produce margarine: Turns valves to admit preweighed ingredients, such as milk, water, and oil, into mixing vat. Weighs or measures additives, such as emulsifier, preservatives, salt, and vitamins, according to formula, using scale or graduate. Dumps additives into mixing vat. Starts agitator that blends and emulsifies ingredients. Observes temperature gauge and adjusts steam valve to maintain specified temperature in vat. Stops agitator after specified period of time, and turns valve to transfer ingredients to cooling unit. May pasteurize milk [PASTEURIZER]. May harden emulsion [VOTATOR-MACHINE OPERATOR]. May test milk for acidity. May disassemble and clean stock lines, and change filtering apparatus. May mix ingredients for vegetable shortening and be designated Shortening Mixer.