Marble Cutter

Make marble cut-to-order with specialized stone-cutting machines.

What does a Marble Cutter do?

In ancient times, Artists used a hammer and chisel to cut marble into specific shapes and designs. It was painstaking work, and modern consumers might not be willing to wait for three years to have their marble countertops created by hand. Luckily, things have changed. As a Modern Marble Cutter you will most likely use large machines to do your work.

When you’re a Marble Cutter, your machine is your best friend. You treat it with loving care, and it pays you back by making your job easier. As the Marble Cutter, you check the oil and water levels in your machine at least once per shift. Sharpening your saw also helps you stay safe so the saw cuts the marble instead of flying out to cut you.

When your machine is ready to go, you look over the design you’ve been asked to cut. Using a forklift, you load the marble into your machine, and you program the machine to make the proper cuts. The machine does the work, but you hover nearby, ready to step in just in case something goes wrong.

When the cutting is complete, you remove the item from the machine and make sure it matches the design. Using hand tools, you smooth off any rough spots so the item ends up completely soft and rounded.

The work you do is loud and dusty. The blades shriek and scream as they cut through the marble, and they throw up big clouds of marble dust with each cut. This doesn’t bother you, however, as you’re ensconced in your stylish earplugs, helmet, and face guard.