Maple Syrup Maker

Control equipment to produce maple syrups.

What does a Maple Syrup Maker do?

Controls equipment to produce maple syrup: Transfers maple sap to evaporator pan placed on stove, allowing product to flow through various compartments of evaporator. Pours additional sap into evaporator as needed to maintain uniform temperature. Transfers syrup to heated finishing pan when level of product in evaporator indicates evaporation is complete. Tests syrup for prescribed consistency by adding quantity of syrup to cold water and observing appearance. Filters evaporated syrup through cloths or other filtration media. Pours syrup into containers or molds for storage, use, or sale. May boil, stir, and evaporate syrup to form variety of maple products, such as maple sugar, wax, butter, or candy, depending on processing temperature and time, and be designated Maple-Products Maker.