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Map Designer

Make maps that are not only accurate but also attractive.

What does a Map Designer do?

A map would be nothing more than a jumbled mess of lines, arrows, and words without a Map Designer to interpret those elements and turn them into a clear and stylish product. However, as a Map Designer, you do more than just make an intricate system easy on the eyes; you also work with complex computer programs in order to research and create your masterpieces.

You can work in a range of fields, tackling both total map redesigns and brand new concepts. Potential workplaces include geographical mapping companies, urban planning firms, political organizations, construction companies, and even architectural or engineering firms.

Whichever area you decide to pursue, you spend a significant amount of time researching information about your map’s subject, like changing geography or political allegiances. Underground maps, such as those for the tube lines in London or the subway in New York, need constant updating, as new lines are added, go under construction, or are opened or closed.

You adhere to strict deadlines since your maps need to go to other Artists and Cartographers before they can go into production. You may also be asked to correct former issues with the maps, or create a new design that’s simply more modern and striking. Additionally, your duties may include training other Map Designers; consulting on new mapping projects; and contributing to advertising, graphics, and other related product designs.