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Map and Chart Mounter

Perform tasks to mount maps and charts.

What does a Map and Chart Mounter do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to mount maps and charts according to oral or written specifications: Glues muslin or board backing to paper maps and charts, by hand or using mounting machine. Tends machine that automatically applies reinforcing tape to edges of unmounted charts and maps. Attaches spring roller and draw rod to roll-type maps and charts. Cuts maps into sections of specified size, using knife or razor. Spaces sections on muslin, according to specifications, and glues sections to muslin to assemble fold-mounted maps. Attaches brackets to corners of wooden strips to assemble map-mounting frame. Secures map or chart to frame, using glazier’s points, screws, or tape. Inserts fold-mounted maps into binders, punches eyelet holes in binder, using hand press, and inserts and crimps eyelets to secure maps in binder, using hammer.