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Manufacturing Supervisor

Oversee expert industrial machine-workers and keep production high.

What does a Manufacturing Supervisor do?

A factory is full of high-tech machines that can heat, press, fold, melt, compress, stretch, and twist raw materials into all sorts of products consumers would love to buy. As fancy as these machines may be, however, most of them can’t run without human support. And those humans need to be told what to do to operate the tools properly. A Manufacturing Supervisor handles those tasks.

When you’re a Manufacturing Supervisor, your primary task is to hire and maintain a staff of skilled workers who handle the machines in your factory. The majority of your time as a Manufacturing Supervisor is spent hiring, training, evaluating, listening to, reprimanding, and praising your workers.

The company you work for may have multiple shifts of workers, all sharing tools. It’s your duty to keep those shifts full. The scheduling can get complicated as workers call in sick, take time off for vacations, or leave the company altogether. Often, you revise your schedules multiple times before the month is through.

When machines break, as they sometimes do, you notify a Mechanic to fix them as quickly as possible. Then, you determine where the Machine Operator will work until the repair is complete.

Each day, you inspect the pieces your team has produced, making sure they’re up to your company’s high standards of quality. If you spot a mistake, you take time to train the Machine Operator to do the job properly, and you stand close by to ensure that the lesson has truly been learned. In addition, you see to it that all workers are adhering to the company’s rules regarding safety, equipment, and personal protection.