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Manufacturing Production Technician

Keep factory machines in excellent working order.

What does a Manufacturing Production Technician do?

If you’re a Manufacturing Production Technician, you are the creators of creators. In this job, you test, monitor, repair, and maintain the machines that build products and other machines for manufacturing purposes or customer use. Technology may seem self-operating, but even a completely automated assembly line still needs a Manufacturing Production Technician to troubleshoot and debug it.

You’re part Mechanic and part Inventor, with job duties as a Manufacturing Production Technician, that vary between setting up and calibrating manufacturing equipment, and designing new prototypes for testing. Every item produced needs a thorough quality inspection before being passed along to the customer. You diligently adjust the controls and settings of the manufacturing equipment until it produces the desired results.

A large part of your workday is centered on inspecting the factory for safety regulation compliance, and troubleshooting reported problems with the machines and other equipment. Examining the finished products can point out potential malfunctions in the machinery or flaws in the design. When you’re not on the floor tinkering with contraptions, you spend your time mapping out changes you’d like to test on your latest equipment.

From designing a new mechanism to prevent the machine’s wheels from sticking, to simply turning down the speed, your engineering, mechanical, and scientific knowledge allows you to manipulate equipment to meet your needs. Your skills run the gamut to cover numerous mathematical and engineering specialties. Whatever your assignment, your goal is always centered on the continual progress of technology.