Manufacturing Engineering Technologist

Equip factories with time-saving equipment and procedures.

What does a Manufacturing Engineering Technologist do?

In a factory, inefficiency is the enemy. Factories that turn out products quickly and efficiently are able to make more money. Your job as a Manufacturing Engineering Technologist is to make sure the factory you’re working for has the most efficient systems possible.

You’re responsible for setting up new manufacturing lines as the Manufacturing Engineering Technologist. You determine what equipment the company should use, and you program that equipment. When you’re a Manufacturing Engineering Technologist you also figure out where it should sit on the factory floor, and what should be put next to it.

You run simulations to determine how quickly a product can move through the line, and look for ways to shave time off. To draw your vision, you use a computer.

You may also be called into existing factories to look for inefficiencies. You observe the work and the placement of the equipment, time the production down to the second, and look at the way the machines are programmed. Then you head to your office and mull over your observations. You may rearrange the equipment or revise its programming, or you may suggest that the company purchase new machines.

While much of your work revolves around studies and reports, you’re also required to talk to people from time to time. You train workers on how to follow your processes while keeping safety rules in mind. You also field questions from perplexed employees who may be wondering if your plan truly saves time. To convince the doubters, you rely on your people skills and salesmanship.