Manufactured Buildings Repairer

Repair defective units and systems in mobile, modular, and travel trailers.

What does a Manufactured Buildings Repairer do?

Repairs defective units and systems in mobile, modular, and prefabricated homes and travel trailers, using handtools and power tools: Connects water hose to inlet pipe of plumbing system and tests operation of water closets and sinks. Examines and pressure-tests pipes and connections to detect leaks. Repairs leaks with caulking compound or replaces pipes, using pipe wrench. Connects electrical system to outside power source and activates switches to test operation of appliances and light fixtures. Locates and repairs frayed wiring, broken connections, or incorrect wiring, using ohmmeter, soldering iron, tape, and handtools. Opens and closes doors, windows, and drawers to test their operation and trims edges to fit, using jack-plane or drawknife. Resets hardware, using chisel, mallet, and screwdriver. Refinishes wood surfaces on cabinets, doors, moldings, floors, and walls, using power sander, putty, wood finish or paint and brush. May install furniture in mobile home [INSTALLER]. May seal open side of modular units or double-wide mobile homes to prepare them for shipment, using polyethylene sheets, nails, and hammer. May drive truck to transport mobile and modular homes or travel trailers. May position mobile home for permanent occupancy on customer’s lot, using building blocks, bubble levels, hydraulic jacks, lumber, shingles, and handtools. May be designated Servicer, Travel Trailers.