Manual Control Auger Press Operator

Operate auger-presses to press clay products from tempered clays.

What does a Manual Control Auger Press Operator do?

Operates auger-press to press clay products, such as sewer pipe, drainpipe, and flue tile from tempered clay: Installs and adjusts extrusion dies, cores, rings, formers, and cutoff knives according to type of product, using handtools, calipers, and ring gauge. Moves levers to adjust automatic oilers. Starts press that forms, extrudes, and cuts clay to specified shape and length. Measures product for conformance to specifications, using scale and calipers. May move lever to position extruded tile or pipe column for cutting by DIE TRIPPER. May direct DIE TRIPPER to change press dies. May be designated according to product pressed as Drain-Tile-Press Operator; Flue-Tile-Press Operator; Sewer-Pipe-Press Operator.