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Managing Editor



Assign stories to writers and give final approval on each magazine issue.

What does a Managing Editor do?

If you thought all editing jobs were about inserting semicolons, enhancing metaphors, and suggesting revisions, think again. At the level of Managing Editor, you’re managing people more than you’re managing paragraphs.

Being a Managing Editor is like conducting an editorial orchestra: you make sure that the writing, editing, proofreading, fact checking, photography, advertising, and printing all come together to create a final, coherent piece of work. If you like working with people and get a thrill out of the whole process of turning raw materials into a polished publication, then maybe a job as a Managing Editor is right for you.

Overall, you have two main responsibilities: to make sure everything runs smoothly enough that the publication gets out on time and error free; and to oversee the general direction of the publication. While putting together each issue, you have to determine whether everything is in line with how literary, newsy, funny, or political the magazine is supposed to be.

Getting down to the details, this means you hire, fire, train, and manage Editors. You work with legal and finance departments to draw up freelance contracts and determine budgets. You take one last look at each issue before it goes to the presses. You probably work overtime leading up to each publication date. And then you can bask in the glory as you see your name near the top of the masthead every month.

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