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Make a process, department, or business run like a well-oiled machine.

Salary Range

$98,000 - $122,000

What does a Manager do?

Managers are like mothers: Everybody has one. Rock Star answer to record labels, for example, Politicians are responsible to the public, and even CEOs report to boards of Directors. Indeed, regardless of age, occupation, or industry, everyone reports to someone. A Manager is that someone for one or more employees at a company.

That company might sell jeans, serve snacks, engineer spaceships, or offer legal services. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of industry, effective management is about best practices, people, processes, and procedures.

As a Manager – the head of a team or department (sales, for instance, or finance) – you’re therefore responsible for supervising the individuals who work beneath you. How numerous those individuals depending on the size of your company and your rank.

Lower management includes Managers who oversee individual people and project teams. Middle management is composed of Managers who oversee distinct divisions, sectors, and departments. And upper management is in charge of entire functions of the business.

No matter what level you’re at, your duties are likely to include organizing daily tasks, supervising operations, and creating and enforcing policies. You’re also responsible for planning and allocating the use of resources, including staff, materials, and money. In addition, you hire and evaluate employees, set deadlines, and make tactical and strategic business decisions.

Other items on your list of duties include addressing customer problems and complaints, resolving employee conflicts, and communicating company information and values. And on top of all that, you lead staff meetings, and report to those above you the activities of those below you.

Simply put, when you’re a Manager, you’re a leader. In addition to a higher paycheck, you, therefore, have more responsibility, more accountability and – like Mom – probably more gray hairs.

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