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Management Analyst

Advise businesses on how to improve operations.

What does a Management Analyst do?

Just as athletes turn to a coach when they want to run faster, jump higher, or kick harder, companies turn to a management analyst when they need help reaching their goals. A coach educates, motivates, and mentors athletes by giving them new equipment to use, new diets to follow, new exercises to do, and new milestones to meet. In the same way, a management analyst helps companies with a combination of information and inspiration.

As a management analyst, also known as a management consultant, you help clients achieve their objectives by acting as a third-party observer advising them from the vantage point of someone who’s outside looking in. Whether it’s a small business, a mid-sized company, or a large corporation—which might hire you to consult with an individual department or with the entire enterprise—you typically start by watching the business, taking note of how it’s structured, managed, and run. In addition, you might consult with employees, interview customers, and review company records. The goal is to analyze and understand the company’s inner workings so that you can identify its problems and develop potential solutions.

Depending on the company’s objectives—which might be cutting costs, increasing revenues, capturing market share, or improving efficiency—those solutions might involve hiring or firing employees, restructuring company departments, or pursuing mergers and acquisitions. You might also suggest implementing new policies and procedures, or investing in new facilities, technology, or equipment. In addition, you might recommend launching new products and retiring old ones.

Whatever the company’s problems, and whatever your solutions, your job as the “coach” is to turn a flabby company into a lean, mean business machine!