Managed Care Pharmacy Technician

Fill prescriptions following the rules of managed care insurance plans.

What does a Managed Care Pharmacy Technician do?

A trip to the Doctor is often followed by a trip to the pharmacy. There, a Pharmacy Technician can fill the prescription and allow the weary patient to head back home. When that patient is a member of a managed care plan, however, there are extra rules to be followed at the pharmacy, and as a Managed Care Pharmacy Technician, you make sure those additional tasks are taken care of properly.

People who have managed care insurance plans agree to two rules regarding medications: Doctors must prescribe medications, and only certain types of drugs are covered. Some patients forget these rules, and their prescriptions become either invalid or expensive. When this happens, Managed Care Pharmacy Technicians provide extra assistance by explaining the issue in clear terms. If the patient has additional questions, you ask your Pharmacist to take over the conversation.

When all goes smoothly, the Pharmacist approves the prescription, and you count out the pills or measure the liquid in the prescription. Then, you affix a label to the bottle and ask the Pharmacist to check your work. After your work is approved, you hand the patient the medications, ring up the charges, and take the payment. This task takes up the majority of a Managed Care Pharmacy Technician’s time.

Pharmacy Aides tend to stock the shelves and answer the phone, but you handle these tasks from time to time as well, just to keep the pharmacy operational at all times.